Titan Find's Scorpio

This is one to save up my pennies for. If you're not in your 30's and from the UK you might not recognise this gem. It's the Scorpio, the 'other' ship from Blakes 7. The Liberator was a tough act to follow but over the years I've warmed to this particular hunk of junk.
Now Titan Find are releasing a great kit, details are still a bit sketchy but the pictures on their website look pretty good to me. You can view an earlier post about the Scorpio here.
Here are a few reference image I've collected from a number of sources.


Gordon Fraser said…

Looks great!!! (not a ship I thought anyone would release commercially) still, ol'Libby is miles ahead in the beauty stakes!!!
This looks like a great model, my only criticism is the panel detail seems a little too raised for the scale of the model, which from these pics doesn't look too big.
Dylan said…
Cool Blog!
I loved this ship, like you say it wasn't quite as cool as the liberator but I liked the chunkiness. One thing that just struck me looking at it again is how similar it looks to the republic stardestroyers in the prequels...