Liberator Spotters Guide - Part 2 (updated)

A common mistake is to label the Liberator as DSV1, or Deep Space Vessel 1. This is an error that seems to have surfaced with Comet Miniatures release but is repeated even today with Titan Find's kit.
Apologies in advance for being pedantic but the ship is clearly identified in the episode Redemption as DSV 2, (see clip, about half way through).

Here is the Comet Miniatures Box art, clearly labelled as DSV 1.

How big is The Liberator?
The size of the Liberator was never stated on screen or in any official literature. The scale seems to conflict in different episodes depending on the relative size of other models produced. I got the impression it was meant to me a huge ship but we never got to know. But if we take the first appearance of the Liberator where we see it next to the Prison Ship London we can deduce its apparent size. (Warning, this gets really geeky!)

Looking at this picture above of the London, the circular connecting tube hatch is approximately 2 meters in diameter – big enough for a man to cross. This makes the length of the ship approx 30 meters.

Now compare this to the size of the Liberator in this picture. We know the London is very close to the Liberator as it uses its connecting tube to dock with the Liberator. The London fits about 10 times into the length of the Liberator so I would put it at about 300 meters from engine to end of prongs. (smaller than I’d imagined it to be!) This is just my own theory , if you can suggest an alternative please leave a comment.


Glazy sent me the following compilation of grabs from the DVD, see his comment below for further details.

There are several instances during the series where we see closeup detail on the surface of the Liberator that is difficult to reconcile with the wider shots without presuming its absolutely massive. Personally I've always seen it as being very very big and perhaps my efforts to pin down its size are missing the point and removing some of its mystery. Whatever you think this is a big old ship.

With regard to Glazy's note about the Flight Deck location this is another mystery. The novelisation describes a lift just inside the airlock that turns are rises rapidly suggesting the Flight Deck could be somewhere totally different.


Martin Bower says in an article talking about the miniature 'With it's lack of any kind of detailing it gave the appearance of being a craft about 10ft long instead of the thousand metre long ship it was supposed to represent' 1000m works out at 3280ft. The US Navy's USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier is 342m (1,123ft) in Length, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D from Star Trek:The Next Generation is listed as being 641m (2103ft) so if Bower was right the Liberator would dwarf Enterprise D. If anything I'd say it's length would be closer to the original NCC-1701 at 289m (948ft) putting it closer to the 300m you suggest.
Gordon Fraser said…

Alll I care about is the fact that in my brain, it's frickkin huge! (I'm watching season 2 at the mo and it miffs me when the Fed pursuit ships seem almost as big as Libby!)

I'd have the flight dack in the very centre of the central column....miles safer there. Unlike the Enterprise D's....on the top, sticking out with frikkin windows!! TARGET OR WOT?

(Happy birthday Bush Bear!)