Wish List - Scorpio

There has yet to be a model or toy of the Scorpio from season 4 of Blake's 7. This would be top of my wish list for a nice small replica.The model was built at the BBC in the early 80's by, amongst others, Ron Thornton of Foundation Imaging fame. After working at the Beeb Ron went on to pioneer computer generated spaceships in Babylon 5 and Star Trek Voyager.

The detailed model suffered from some rushed lighting & camera work, poor compositing and very grainy footage. I'm sure if these models were placed side by side with feature film models of the same time they would compare quite favourably

The prop only last for one season, its brief on-screen career was ended when it crashed into the forests of Guada Prime. There are one or two scratch builds around the world but if anyone has made a small replica I am not aware of it.

As Glazy points out Titan Find are working on a model of the Scorpio.


Your pic links aren't working !!
Niel Bushnell said…
The links worked ok for me but I've swapped the images round so they are not on blogger rather than pointing to external sites.
They're working now, 2 of them were working but the others had a hotlinking thing come up.
There was talk that Titan Find who did the Liberator kit and the Federation Pursuit Ship are possibly making a kit of the Scorpio, it won't be a small spaceship but at least there'll be a model. :)
In that pic of Ron Thornton working I don't think he's working on the actual ship miniature but a close up section that was used in 'Gold' where we see a docking arm extend to the Scorpio. Because the actual shooting miniature was nowhere near as big as what he's working on.See the pic of the late Jim Francis stood with the superb miniature Here
This is the section I'm talking about although we only ever see a really close shot of it Docking Arm Shot

Also not only is the Scorpio Millenium Falcon in nature it also has parts of the Millenium Falcon as can be seen in this grab from 'Orbit' Kit Part