The Fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy - Part 1

There is little argument about the importance of the Millennium Falcon in the world of fictional space ships. Its a design classic and arguably the best movie ship of all time.

Master Replicas released a beautiful studio scale piece, but its only for those with a lot of spare cash to throw around, not to mention the space to exhibit such a fine model.
Fine Molds have produced what many believe to be the definitive Falcon model kit, much more accurate than the ERTL kit which currently sits unmade in my loft, awaiting my attention. (One day I'll sort it out, thin out those walls and paint it good!)
The Falcons in my collection include the Micro Machine version, the Tomy version, the Titanium version and, most recently, the De Agostini version. Lets start with Tomy.

Tomy Millennium Falcon

Released in about 2003 this was available in the UK via imports from Japan (I think). Its about 3 inches long and the level of detail on this little gem is great. There is some warping of the soft plastic but its worth it for the detail and finish.
The gun turrets and landing legs are supplied separately and need to be attached to the main body. Do NOT try this on a train! In my excitement I did this with the first version I bought a few years ago and lost one of the five landing legs! This version now lives in my car, pictures in a another post soon.
The turrets and legs have not been weathered in the same way as the main body so can look a bit too clean when put in place, nothing a serious modeller couldn't fix.
All in all its a lovely piece, they retail for about £5, if you can find one.