Tomy X-Wing Fighter

Star Wars Candy Toy Diorama X-Wing Fighter by Tomy is one of a series of ships and figures released a few years ago. I'm specifically interested in the ships and have managed to find a few of these since their release. The other ships in the set include the Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, AT-AT Walker and a Jedi Star fighter.

I picked this one up recently in Forbidden Planet London. There were a few boxes stacked up by the till so I grabbed this one to add to my collection. I already have the Falcon and the Jedi Starfighter but still need to hunt down the AT-AT walker and Slave 1.

As I've come to expect from these releases the detail is simply mind blowing. The product is made of plastic and sits on its own base complete with fuel cables and other equipment. The wings are closed and the landing gear down.
The detail, painting and weathering is excellent, especially when you consider just how small this model is! My only quibble would be the tiny R2-D2 sitting behind the cockpit. He's so small and looks a bit like a little football. He's a victim of the size of the piece, I'm not sure how it could be improved without breaking your eyes!


Gordon Fraser said…

.....and I'm spent!

.......This is a beauty! (AT-AT looks nice as well!)