Raiders of the Lost Loft

This is my loft space which I converted a few years ago. The space is full of all my stuff, all the kids stuff and every other bit of rubbish we've built up over the last 10 years. It needs a good clean out and de-clutter. The display shelves were put up to house my micro machines but since then I've added a lot more to my small spaceships collection. Most of the new ones are larger than the micros so they are not all being displayed properly.

My micro machine collection includes ships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Aliens and Terminator.

The rest of my collection is not displayed in any order, in fact most of them are in two cardboard boxes. One day I'll have a great display case, until then this will have to do.


Gordon Fraser said…
Oh Lordy! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JEALOUS!!!!!!

You sir are a swine!!!!

Fraser Lovatt said…
Wow -- what a great storage idea for such an incredible collection. It just so happens I have an empty wall at home that would benefit from that treatment! Thanks for the inspiration!

keith said…
do you have any idea where you got the star trek shuttlecraft that looks like it came from the movie era? like star trek 5 i think. its looks like a decent match to micro machines and i would love to get my hands on 1!!!
Niel Bushnell said…
Hi Keith, I think you're refering to the one in the picture next to the Dalek. That is a Star Trek 5 shuttle, but its not a Micro Machine. Its about the same size but I'm not sure where its actually from! Its not a solid plastic, more of a model kit feel to it - thin walls etc. I think someone must have given it to me but I honestly don't know. I'll check it to see if its got a manufacturers stamp on it.
keith said…
yep thats the one! so u think its from a model, ok cool i think it might be an ERTL kit for TMP style Enterprise. Can u tell if the markings are paint or decals?
keith said…
hey there niel, do you by chance happen to have the NX-01 made by Romando, and if so how does it and it mini counterpart compare in size to MM's?
Timian said…
Wow! You have an incredible collection, very impressively displayed. I don't own a single model or toy of anything at all, but I've been idly kicking around the idea of buying a decent model of a Borg Cube or Sphere for several years now. (From what I can tell, the Sphere models available seem generally much more impressive than the Cubes.)

However, in your collection above I see a Borg Cube that looks awesome. Beneath your in-post comment "My micro machine collection includes ships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Aliens and Terminator", three photos down, the photo to the left (the photo is labeled "loft_16.jpg" -- which is totally how I should have identified the photo I'm talking about in the first place) shows a Borg Cube I am resolved to find.

Could you please tell me the maker and model number, etc., and any other pertinent information that would enable me to look for an identical Cube of my very own?

I'd very much appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you!

Timian (vavatchtimian at me dot com)