Product Enterprise Space 1999 Eagle

Product Enterprise have blessed us over the last few years with the beautiful range of Eagle replicas from Gerry Anderson's Space 1999. I have two so far, the standard transporter and the Laboratory Eagle Gift set which includes a tiny moon buggy and a Tank.
One day I would love to add a Rescue Eagle to these two but I'll have to save my pennies and come up with a good excuse to smuggle it into the house!

The detail on these models is very good, being a mix of die cast metal and plastic parts.

If you want to learn more about the Eagle you can't find a better resource than

The tank was built by Martin Bower who has some great images of his model work on his website.

You can see some nice pictures of the ships and their boxes here.
Also have a look at David Sisson's website for some great images.
Product Enterprise are evolving into Iconic Replicas and are moving into doing larger models with smaller runs. Their range is fantastic and I can see the logic in this but I'm disappointed we won't be seeing further releases in this size - they take up less space and are much more affordable than their larger range.


Gordon Fraser said…
EXCELLENT!!! One of your best bro! (I totally missed ths post?!)
Niel Bushnell said…
I had this post as a draft for a long time and finally finished it just last week. The problem is when you post drafts they go under the date you started working on them, hence this one just appearing further down the page. So you didn't miss it!