Enterprise D

I recently purchased the latest set of Johnny Lightning Star Trek miniatures, including a version of the UUS Enterprise NCC1701 D in its final moments as it crashes into the atmosphere of a planet. (See Star Trek Generations feature film.) This got me thinking about all the different Enterprise D's I've got, so here they all are.

Johnny Lightning - Legends of Star Trek, Series 4 - Battlestations!
This release has a painted edge that tries to recreate the crash sequence from the movie. Its not a bad attempt and can be quite convincing from certain angles. The overall finish is quite shinny, giving the model the feel of a 1950's tin toy. The level of detail is good and its a nice size. The saucer can seperate from the secondary hull. This model comes with a die cast display stand that allows some posability.
Romando Enterprise D

These Star Trek 1/7000 scale models are made by Romando, Japan. This series includes 11 ships, all about 2 or 3 inches length and pre-painted. As is the case with most Japanese releases the detail is excellent, it really packs it in. This one is a slightly creamier colour when compared to the rest which all have a blue tint to them, see collected image above.
Furuta Enterprise D & All Good Things Version
These models are a nice size but lack detail, especially when compared to the smaller Romando versions. There is none of the surface panelling seen on other versions, even the tiny Micro Machine editions have the escape pods picked out in a different colour. They look good as a collection but could have been a lot better. They are very light in weight too, being all soft plastic.

Galoob Micro Machines
Enterprise D & All Good Things Version
These tiny gems were the beginning of my collection back in the early 1990's. The first edition of the Enterprise E was a single piece, the later version had a seperating saucer section. The picture below shows the difference between the two editions, the first is smaller, lighter and less detailed. The second version is a big improvement.
The alternative future version with the 3 nacelles is a nice treat.


Harlock said…
Did you see the ones of corgi?, I have Enterprise D and Klingon bird of prey and they are very beautiful. Nice pieces.
Niel Bushnell said…
Yes, I've just ordered the Corgi version and hope to do a post about it here soon.
Ferrite said…
Forgive me for asking, but what length is the Romando Enterprise D?