Thunderbirds Fireflash & Elevator Cars

The Fireflash airliner from Thunderbirds has to be one of the most graceful and elegant planes ever to appear on our screens. The series started in 1965, long before I was born so its something I've caught up on through its many repeats on UK television. The first episode, Trapped in the Sky, features the atomic-powered airliner Fireflash on its maiden flight from London to Tokyo. Obviously things don't go as planned and International Rescue are soon on the scene with 3 elevator cars to help bring Fireflash back to the ground in one piece. The sequence is edited light a tense liveaction film and still stands up today as a remarkable sequence.
Konami released a Fireflash toy as part of their Thunderbirds range. These are quite hard to find now but I managed to pick up the entire set from Comet Miniatures. As usual with Konami replicas the detail is excellent for the scale. These toys are plastic and require some assembly. The parts usually slot together quite well but some may need gluing to keep them in place.

As an added bonus the Fireflash model comes with 3 tiny tiny Elevator cars. These mini miracles are so detailed in spite of their size.

This isn't a giant finger, just very small elevator cars!
Also from Konami is a range of Thuderbird Pod vehicles. These depict various vehicles used by Thuderbird 2 in different episodes. They come on an interlocking stand that forms a diorama of part of the Thunderbirds underground silo. I bought mine from Greylight but you can still pick them up on Ebay. The Elevator Car pack contains two cars and part of the base.Finally from Konami is a slightly larger Elevator Car by itself, jolly good fun too!


Arthur Kasteel said…
Can I have this model of the fireflash?
How much is it?
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Arthur Kasteel
Niel Bushnell said…
Sorry, its not for sale.