Lego HMS Camden Lock

This fantastic oddity was created by Peter Reid, or Legoloverman as he is also known. He's recreated Hyperdrive's HMS Camden Lock in Lego!

In case you are not familiar with the Camden Lock it's the ship from Hyperdrive, designed and built by Glazy, Nick and me at Qurios.
If you like this, (and why wouldn't you?) then pop over to Peter's site here:
Or take a look at some pictures of his other work:


I love this, the only thing that lets it down is the stand,they look like legs,it would have looked cooler on 2 clear perspex rods or something. All the same it's still great, does the middle bit rotate ?
Tripe said…
Of course a stand like the one in Green Javelins could be constructed possibly (I know this model was made many years ago now).