Enterprise NX01

Johnny Lightning have so far released 3 ranges of their Legends of Star Trek miniatures, with a 4th on its way about now. Generally these are nice replicas with a decent amount of detail on them. You can find detailed information about the releases here. These two craft, both the NX01 Enterprise from 'a spin-off too far' Enterprise. This first version was from the 1st wave of releases and shows the Enterprise as most viewers would know it.
I have to say I'm not a fan of the design as it looks too much like a ship from the Next Generation era rather than being a predecessor to Kirks classic Enterprise. It feels like the designers just weren't brave enough to go retro with the look and feel of the show. I'm sure the casual viewer wouldn't even know this was meant to be set before the original series.
That said these replicas are very faithful to the ships design. The surface detailing and painting is a bit spartan but seems to work. The stand allows for a range of movement and you can pose the ship as you wish.The second ship is from a two part episode set in the Mirror Universe when the Federation are a bit nastier and a tad more right-wing. While I enjoyed the changes made to the ship the story left me wanting. The replica is fun and makes the original look a bit plain in comparison.

The only comparable replica of the Enterprise NX-01 that I know of is by Japanese manufacturer Romando. I only have one or two of the Romando releases but the quality is very high. You can see some images on them here. (I will post some images of my Romando collection in a future post.)


Nice ships but a dreadful TV show.
Francesco said…
this blog is very cool!!!

i just puti it in my favourites!

but i have a question...i would build a space ship that reminds the Enterprise NX-01. i have the "head disk", using the cover of my old modem (you can see it here, there is the link on imageshack.us):


Unluky, i don't have any idea on the kind of materials to use to build something that reminds the nacelles...could you help me?

if yes, try to write here or on my mail address:


thanks..and...beutiful collection!

Niel Bushnell said…
Hi Francesco, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I'm not much of a scratch-builder myself, but I hope to be in years to come, (when time and space allow), but I know a man who is! I would suggest you contact Glazy, he can be found at http://glazy.blogspot.com/. Good luck with the build!