Cylon Basestar

Another lovely little model from Konami is the Cylon Basestar from the original series of Balltestar Galactica. The level of detail is very high, as I've come to expect from Konami. There is a lack of surface markings but I presume this is because the original shooting model was just a series of greys without much in the way of decals.
These toys are made from plastic which does make them prone to warping, as can be seen in this picture. Given the toys size and level of detail I think this is not too noticeable and doesn't detract from this being a great addition to my collection.If you like the Basestar you might like to see Fantastic Plastic's kit version. Or this one from Kenndy Shipyards, complete with lights. Also while I was looking about for some reference I came across Ravenstar Studios making some interesting stuff.


Gordon Fraser said…
WAGON WHEELS IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gordon Fraser said…
When we gonna see the fabled micro machines you toy whore?! (I wanna spit at my monitor in pure jealousy!!!)

PS I gotta Copperhead from Spirits Within nah nah nee nah nah!!!