Firefly was the short-lived classic TV series created by the talent-force that is Joss Whedon. The series spawned a well received feature film, Serenity, named after lead character Mal Reynolds’ ship. I always pictured the series as being ‘The Adventures of Han Solo’ and Serenity was defiantly in the mould of the Millennium Falcon. The design echoes its insect origins and makes nice use of multi-levels, something you don’t often see in a smaller ship.

This ship comes from Dark Horse, best known for their comics output. This is what they have to say:

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, made his big-screen writing/directing debut with this sci-fi epic, continuing the story begun in his fan-favourite TV series, Firefly. Fans of the cult-hit TV series and the major motion picture, now available on DVD, will love this ornament featuring the rogue ship Serenity.
Hang or stand for display! Comes with base (shown) or hanger.

Publication Date: Aug 16, 2006
Format: 6" long x 3 1/2" wide, full colour ornament

The model has a nice weight to it and sits well on its stand. There is an option to hang it instead but I would not recommend doing this from your car mirror – it’s just too big! I would imagine this is why they’ve called it an ornament; perhaps you might consider hanging it over your desk or from your Christmas tree. Personally I think it looks fine on its stand.

The level of detail is fine, noting exceptional, but it seems fairly accurate. The biggest disappointment is the absence of the Serenity name from the side of the hull, something prominently seen in the movie. This is a shame and lets down what is otherwise a very nice piece.

Also available is an ‘in disguise’ version which depicts Serenity’s flight through Reaver territory disguised as a Reaver vessel. It’s not pretty, it’s not meant to be either. I’m undecided if I want to shell out for this one, I think I’m happy with the standard version.

Also available soon are these two ships, the first is Inara's Shuttle:The second is a reaver ship

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