Battlestar replicas

These great replicas come from two different manufacturers and from two very different versions of the same show. I've always been a fan of the original Battlestar Galactica ever since I saw it as a kid at the cinema here in the UK, (they re-edited the TV movie pilot episode for theatrical release.) The Galactica has always been a great ship, very much in the wake of the phenomenon of Star Wars but still original and distinctive. The original ships are from Japanese manufacturer Konami and are made of plastic. The level of detail on these models is exceptional and far superior to the die-cast Hasbro titanium ships. Konami released 3 Battlestars, Galactica, Pegasus and Atlantia. My mate Glazy managed to get me these from Forbidden Planet in Middlesbrough, at the time I only wanted the Pegasus and Galactica and didn't pick up the Atlantia even though Glazy had managed to reserve me one. Whenever I've denied the little voice inside me shouting 'buy it' I always end up regretting it later. I don't plan on ever selling any of these but they have increased in price quite considerably, enough to push any Atlantias out of my price range.

All of these ships are about 4 inches long. The new Galactica from Hasbro had its stand hole positioned too far back, it meant that the front dipped down when displayed making it look like it was heading into a nose-dive. This picture shows how it should appear with the stand set back, in reality my ship was never this level so I decided to do some alterations!
Using the two screws on the underside I opened up the model. I carefully drilled a new hole closer to the middle of the ship. I then used the plastic housing from the original hole and slotted that into the new hole. You can see the new hole in this picture below, its close to the lettering. The original hole can be see towards the back of the ship, close to the rear screw. Its not the most pretty of modifications but it does the job very well. My Battlestar now flys in a straight line!

It's interesting to have these four displayed together and compare their designs and detailing. The Konami wins hands down for detail but the Hasbro models are die-cast and have more weight to them. Overall the level of detail and finish is good on the Hasbros too but its only when I got close in with my camera set to macro that I could appreciate just how much detail is on the Konami models. I wonder how much of the detail comes down to the source material? Obviously the original series used large practical models with massive detailing built up from kit parts. The new series relies on CG models which may or may not have as much detail as the classic series, my instinct say they probably don't.
I always love a good sister-ship! Design variants within a fleet are always enjoyable and the Pegasus is no exception. Its not my favourite design to be honest, its a bit too clunky and symmetrical for my liking but its fun to see the two ships together.
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I still prefer the original Galactica design to the new one.
Niel Bushnell said… a country mile!

Anyway, shame on you for taking a full 5 days to find my blog, your crown of King of the Web is slipping.
I seen it but didn't want to seem like I was being too keen...or sad !
Zare Goci said…
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